COVID-19 Guidelines for Lawn Bowls in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Executive

We understand the NI Executive will give out dates on Thursday 28th May for further sports to commence, if factors continue to improve.

In the meantime clubs can use the IBF Guidelines (below) to help with there risk assessments and planning for the future.

IBF Guidelines

You may download a copy of the IBF Guidelines here, or by visiting the IBF website.

Some important points about the guidelines:

1. These are guidelines and not rules, each club is different and will need to address their own specific situation for the safety of their members.

2. Also note advice for clinically vulnerable and over 70's.

3. Plus min Jack length increased to 3 m.

Sport NI

On Friday 22nd May, Sport NI published a framework to support a return to sport and physical recreation.

You can read a copy of the Sport NI Statement issued on Friday 22 May 2020 here.

The framework provides high level guidance which will help individual governing bodies and organisations develop their own protocols to inform a return to sporting activities (including training and competitions).

The framework is published on the Sport NI website.