• Address

    Ulster Transport B.C.
    Lynda Avenue
    BT37 0NX
    028 9086 3331

  • President

    Mrs. M. Trimble

  • Secretary

    Mrs. M. McCandless
    02890 864 064
    07776 152 273

  • Match Secretary

    Ms. L. Saberton
    07729 105 051


Ulster Transport Bowling Club

    Ulster Transport Bowling Club was formed in 1944 and affiliated to the IBA in 1945. Membership was declared open in 1971, having previously been restricted to transport workers. With increased membership the club house has had numerous extensions over the years. The Ladies section was formed in 1965 and known as Jordanstown Ladies Bowling Club. A few years ago, the ladies section were unified with the men's section and carry the same club name. The founder President was Mrs Meta Wilson, wife of Robert who founded the club.


    • NIWPGL Presidents

      Mrs. M. Wilson, 1979
      Mrs A. Phillips, 1999
      Mrs L. Cornhill, 2018

    • NIWPGL Treasurer (2000 - present)

      Mrs A. Phillips

    • IWBA Presidents

      Mrs M. Wilson, 1982

    • NIWPGL Association Players

      Mrs.M.Wilson, Mrs.M.Baxter
      Mrs.M.Hanvey, Mrs.T.Simms
      Mrs.A.Phillips, Mrs.B.Craig
      Mrs.M.Orchin, Mrs.A.Pauley
      Mrs.R.Tinsley, Mrs.A.McLaughlin

    • International Players

      Mrs.M.Hanvey, Mrs.R.Tinsley

    • NIWPGL Fours Winners (2000)

      Mrs.B.Craig, Mrs.M.Ferguson,
      Mrs.C.McCalmont, Mrs.A.Phillips

    • NIWPGL Fours Winners (2007)

      Mrs.A.Pauley, Mrs.N.Hunter,
      Mrs.B.Craig, Mrs.A.Phillips

    • NIWPGL Triples Winners (2005)

      Mrs.B.Craig, Mrs.M.Ferguson,

    • NIWPGL Fours Runners Up (2014)

      Mrs.A. McLaughlin, Mrs.A.Pauley,
      Mrs.B.Craig, Mrs.A.Phillips

    • NIWPGL +55 Fours Winners (2018)

      Mrs.R.Tinsley, Mrs.L.Cornhill,

    • IWBA Fours Runners Up (2000)

      Mrs.B.Craig, Mrs.M.Ferguson,
      Mrs.C.McCalmont, Mrs.A.Phillips

    • Division Two League Winners (2001)